Looking for a Santorini ??? Don’t go too far….
Norwang Cafe and Restaurant is the new mini- santorini you could ever asked for in whole Majnu-ka-tilla,New Aruna Nagar. It is located right above Busan Korean restaurant and serves as one of the best Chinese and Continental cuisines. You can find variety of beverages such as shakes ,coffees, smoothies, cocktails, mock-tails,soft drinks and more. Mention not about the quality of the foods, it’s all finger licking super delicious It has the best ever Yamuna views with signature bridge, it’s amazing world class interior design with BLUE and WHITE decoration with pretty little antique stuffs has captured all hearts, It has huge and comfortable dining spacious which is exactly what this COVID situation requires for social distancing. Turning on soft and melody musics which keep us all on cloud nine. This cafe and Restaurant has two storeys where lower dining offers cozy air conditioned with pretty greenery views and upper dining is on Terrace which is the new Mini-Santorini. And yes this place is where you can create memories with your loved ones as it has impressive decors for taking photos. Oh one more interesting thing. Sport lover? Be ready for the Largest projector screen 28/32 showing live sports.
If you haven’t visit it yet you are missing the greatest in Majnu-ka-tilla.